Heat pump water heater yields hot water much more efficient by using energy around us, either air or water, there is always heat energy contained in it and heat pump was made to extract, accumulate and transfer it to our own environment.

Heat pump water heater is a practical concept of efficient and non-hazardous technology which use electrical energy in exchange for heat energy from outside with a very efficient way than common electric water heater with mostly between 1 : 3 to 1: 4.5 ratio between electrical consumption to heat generated by heat pump which depend on the quality of the products and the temperature outside compared to inside of the building. The more heat is contained in the outside air, the more efficient the heat pump works.

We supply top quality brand of heat pump from europe, such as ACV (Belgia), Hoval (Swiss) and from china as well, such as Hoval Everest, Aqua Heat, Thermaflow and Ness heat pump.