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ACV Delta Pro S

ACV Delta Pro S offer low powered combined water heater and boiler in one unit with its own storage using stainless steel tank-in-tank technology.

Specification Data

ACV Delta Pro S

Floor standing combination boiler

1. High performance, low cost combined boiler and water heater

Stainless steel Tank-in-Tank design

Choice of Burner - Low NOx premix burner, Pressure jet natural gas or LPG or Pressure jet 28 sec or 35 sec oil

4. Anti-Legionellae: hot water stored at consistently high temperature

5. Fully insulated with rigid polyurethane foam

6. Stove enameled casing

7. Control panel including thermostats, thermometer, indicators and on/off switch

8. 26kW to 55kW output

Can be used in cascade formation for high output installations

Primary heating sealed system kits also available

ACV Delta Pro
  • Flue reduction collar with easy access for servicing.
  • Rigid polyurethane foam insulation.
  • PVCC dip tube with cold water diffuser.
  • Burner
  • Burner chamber plate with refractory ceramic fibre insulation.
  • 95°C cut-off thermostat and manual reset safety thermostat pocket.
  • Flue tubes.
  • Turbulators.
  • Stainless steel "Tank-in-Tank" hot water cylinder.
  • Primary circuit (heating).
  • Combustion chamber.
  • Boiler base.
  • Heating flow.
  • Heating return.
  • Domestic hot water outlet.
  • Domestic cold water supply.
  • Primary hot water safety valve [7 bar]
  • Primary heating safety valve [bar 3]
  • Flue connection Ø 100 mm
  • Drain down valve
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