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ACV WaterMaster Evo

ACV WaterMaster Evo offer highly efficient combined water heater and boiler in one unit with its own storage using stainless steel tank-in-tank technology.

ACV WaterMaster Evo

Floor standing combination boiler

1. Equipped with ACVMax burner and modbus controls

Condenses in hot water mode

Delivers an exceptional peak and continuous volume of hot water

Stainless Steel domestic hot water tank - no anode protection required

Space saving footprint - reduced plant-room space requirement

Stainless steel heat exchanger reduces maintenance and increases system lifespan

Multiple units can be grouped in cascade for larger applications or back up

ACV WaterMaster EVO
  • Concentric flue gas/air inlet box
  • Flue gas exhaust tube
  • Combustion chamber
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Stainless steel “Tank-in-Tank” hot water production tank (primary + DHW)
  • Primary circuit separation disc
  • Indirect water pre-heater
  • Insulation
  • Condensate recovery dish + NTC5 sensor (flue gas)
  • High efficiency circulator pump
  • NTC2 sensor (Primary return)
  • Electrical panel (with spare fuses at the back)
  • ACVMax Touch Control panel
  • On-Off switch
  • DHW tank dry well (Dip tube with temperature sensor)
  • Automatic air vent
  • Gas pressure switch and gas pipe
  • NTC1 sensor (Primary supply)
  • Gas valve
  • DHW safety valve / (T & P relief valve - UK only)
  • Modulating air/gas premix burner with fan
  • Air inlet
  • DHW outlet

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