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Hoval CompactGas-E

Thanks to the aluFer® heat exchanger’s high efficiency, the CompactGas-E requires approx. 25% less floor space than other boilers of comparable output.

Hoval CompactGas-E

High Efficiency Boiler

1. Walkable Service Platform
All maintenance work on the CompactGas-E is carried out from the front and top. For easy access from above, a work platform with railing and ladder is included as standard.

2. Flue Outlet

The flue gas/chimney connection is located at the top front of the boiler and thus does not block any additional floor space. This also saves piping and installation effort. 

3. Enlarged Combustion Chamber
Due to the large combustion chamber, the exhaust gases are quickly discharged from the burner. This ensures clean combustion. In addition, it enables heat transfer in 3 phases with only one deflection.

4. Pivoting Front Door
Thanks to the large, wide-opening front door, all cleaning work can be done very quickly and directly from the front. No clearances are necessary at the sides and rear, and valuable space is saved.

5. AluFer® Heat Exchanger
The high-performance heat exchanger ensures low exhaust gas temperatures and high efficiency. The aluminium fins with their high surface area transfer the heat highly efficiently and ensure low flue gas temperatures. On the water side, the robust steel jacket ensures a long service life.

6. Large Water Content
The large water content ensures low hydraulic resistance and saves electricity for the circulation pump.
It compensates for short consumption changes and thus reduces the number of burner start-ups.

CompactGas-E 700-2100
CompactGas-E 2800-7000
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