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Hoval Max-3

The Hoval Max-3 boiler delivers market-leading efficiency and cost effective heating performance. Our wide range of boilers suit almost any customer’s space heating requirements.

Hoval Max-3

Highly Efficient, Conventional Three-pass Boiler

1. Clean combustion
With the proven three-pass technique, the hot combustion gases are immediately moved out of the high-temperature zone.
The flame temperature is reduced, and the pollutant emissions are minimized.

Low operating costs of the Hoval 3-pass boiler can be taken for granted
The Hoval three-pass boiler transforms the energy stored in oil and gas into valuable heat with impressive efficiency – this is demonstrated in a full load boiler efficiency in excess of 95%.
You, as the investor, will benefit from this high efficiency in the form of substantially lower heating costs.  The excellent insulation of the boiler lowers the stand-by losses and further reduces the energy consumption of the system.  Maximum operating temperature is 90°C or 105°C depending on control panel type.

Installation wherever you want it!
The compact dimensions of the boiler means that the Max-3 is perfect for plant rooms with low ceilings.

4. Dimpled tubes–Hoval’s patented development for constant high efficiency
The unique design of the dimpled tubes allows a guaranteed and permanent turbulence of the flue gases. This results in an optimized heat transfer and keeps the combustion efficiency constantly high. Additional retarders are fitted for enhanced efficiency.
5. Hinged door simplifies servicing Servicing the Hoval Max-3's combustion components is made easier thanks to the hinged boiler door. The service technician has access to the combustion chamber and to the burner head. The handing of the boiler door can be changed to suit site layout.

hinged door Max-3

Specification Data

max-3 420-1250
max-3 1500-2700
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