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Hoval TopGas

TopGas® wall-mounted boilers offer compact and advanced gas heating technology built to the high quality standards of Hoval. With its condensation technology, TopGas® makes 15 % more efficient use of the energy source than modern low temperature boilers.

Hoval TopGas

Wall Mounted Gas Condensing Boiler

1. Save Energy Cost
15% improved efficiency and energy recovery due to advanced condensation design.
Excellent fuel utilization and electricity savings due to needs-oriented, modulating burner operation and high efficiency pumps.
Energy consumption indicator for permanent cost control using TopTronic® E.

2. Low Emissions and Economical Consumption

First rate emissions values due to grid burner system.
Around 15% lower energy consumption due to condensing boiler with efficient heat exchanger with flue gas temperature only 40 degree celcius.
Easily combined with solar heater to further reduce carbon footprint.

3. High Thermal Comfort
High thermal comfort due to its predicting future outside temperature and sunlight.
Simple maintenance due to convenient access to all important component.
Maintenance indicator using
TopTronic® E

4. Compact, Complete System
Easy installation and low space requirements due to compact design.
Rapid installation due to ingenious ready to connect complete system.
Easy monitoring via smartphone using

TopTronic® E in real-time and support for BAS connection.

TopGas Specification
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