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Hoval UltraGas

The Hoval UltraGas® is a high-efficiency condensing boiler featuring various technical and design details that improve efficiency and thereby reduce gas consumption. UltraGas® range extends from 15 kW single boilers to 2300 kW double boiler systems. This provides the perfect solution for any output requirement.

Hoval UltraGas

Condensing Gas Boiler

1. Condensation Design for Maximum Efficiency
As a general rule: the more heat energy is transferred from the combustion gases to the heating water, the more efficiently a boiler works. With the condensation design, the gas is cooled from 1000°C right down to 40°C and transfers all of its directly usable heat energy to the heating water. In contrast, low-temperature boilers have considerably higher flue gas temperatures of around 200°C.
This means that a lot of the heat energy escapes unused via the chimney. The condensation design also makes use of a second crucial element, condensation: the combustion gases contain steam, which stores large quantities of “latent” energy.
When the steam cools to below 57 °C, it becomes liquid (= condenses). In the process, this “latent” energy is released and transferred to the heating water.
This enables the UltraGas® condensing boiler to achieve additional energy savings of approx. 10–20 % and increase its efficiency to over 109 % !

2. Patented AluFer
® Heat Exchanger for Maximum Condensation
To ensure maximum condensation, it is crucial that the hot combustion gases transfer their heat energy as quickly as possible, cooling as they do so. In the UltraGas®, this is guaranteed by the unique design of the patented AluFer® heat exchanger:
▪ The material combination of aluminium (on the inside) and stainless steel (on the outside) provides maximum conductivity for the transfer of heat.
▪ The cooling fins inside the
AluFer® pipe produce a five times larger effective surface for heat transmission.

Further advantages result from the vertical installation of the
AluFer® heat exchanger in the boiler:
▪ Temperature stratification of the heating water is supported, contributing
to an additional increase in efficiency.
▪ Any deposits in the heat exchanger drop down of their own accord, producing a self-cleaning effect.
▪ The vertical design enables compact dimensions to be achieved and a small floor space to be used

3. Modulating Pre-mix Burner with Ultra Low Emission
Another factor contributing to the high efficiency of the UltraGas® range is the combustion system. This comprises a fan-premix unit, which also controls the output, and the Ultraclean® grid burner.
In the
fan-premix unit (1), a finely-tuned, homogeneous gas/air mixture is produced, which is optimized for the subsequent combustion process. The output is matched (modulated) to the heat demand using the rotational speed of the fan. This means the burner can run continually in partial load operation and avoid energy-intensive start-stop operation and the associated increase in emissions. Moreover, reducing the speed of the fan reduces energy consumption.
In the
Ultraclean® (2) grid burner, the gas/air mixture is ignited on the surface of a metal fabric and burns gently, virtually without flame. Here, the combustion temperature is consistent and lies within the optimum range for ultra-low pollutant emissions

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