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Industrial Hot Water Boiler
Our hot water boiler has high efficiency and durability for a long service life with minimal emission

Hoval THW

Hot water boiler for oil and gas firing.

1. Boiler door
Large boiler door significantly simplifies cleaning of the combustion chamber, the 2nd and 3rd pass. The special construction of the hinge makes the boiler door easy to open. With its optimum heat insulation, the boiler door helps reduce heat losses from the boiler to a minimum.

2. Burner
The boiler is optimally suited for the use of Low-NOx burners due to the combustion chamber geometry and the low thermal load at the combustion chamber.

3. Heating surface
The smooth-tubed heating surface without turbulators reduces flue gas losses and enables quick and easy cleaning to ensure economical operation.

4. Finned tube wall
The finned tube wall means that full water cooling in the turning chamber between the 1st and 2nd pass is achieved. This significantly boosts fuel exploitation.

5. Insulation
High-efficiency thermal insulation with aluminium cladding reduces standby losses to a minimum and thus contributes to optimum cost effectiveness.

3 pass

3-pass Low-NOx fring


Turning chamber with finned tubes

thw specification

Boiler pressure: standard 10 bar for type 1.4–5.6 and 12,5 bar for type 7.0–10.5
Dimension include fitting and insulation, exclude burner
Burner setting full load, air coefficient λ = 1.1 (CO2, natural gas = 10.8%)
** Net efficiency: With a clean boiler, boiler water (average temperature) = 70 ºC

Steam Boiler